Strat Modifications

I performed a lot of mods on my Strat.

The Strat is a sunburst 1996 American Standard Strat w/rosewood fretboard. Originally it had a white-black-white 3-ply pickguard.


1. I changed the machine heads to staggered Sperzel Locking Tuners


2. The pickups have been changed to Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials

3. The volume pot has been changed to a smoother tapered type

4. The tone controls have been rewired so the rear one works with the bridge pickup and the other works with the neck and middle pickups.

5. I have added a switch to give me two more pickup combinations: neck+bridge and neck+middle+bridge

6. I inserted all five springs in the back cavity and tightened the bridge down. I never use the vibrato anyway.

7. The pickguard has been changed to a black-white-black 3-ply version.


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