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Considerations before building a new pedal board

The list below represents my accumulated experiences with building pedal boards through the last 15-20 years. I do not make any claims that the list is anywhere near complete, but if you follow it, you should not be too far off.

This list also applies to most commercial pedalboards (Pedal Train, Emma Amarhyll, T-Rex Tonetrunk etc.).

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My pedalboard 2012

In December 2012 I decided my pedal board needed an overhaul. I had also acquired a few new pedals that I wanted to include, and there was not enough room on my old board. So I decided to build a new board. Click on the images to zoom.

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Parker Fly Modification

NOTE: THESE OPERATIONS ARE PERFORMED AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT perform this operation if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing. I do not take any responsibilities for any damage caused.

My Parker guitar is a Parker Fly Classic from circa 1997. Parker might have changed… Continue reading

Strat Modifications

I performed a lot of mods on my Strat.

The Strat is a sunburst 1996 American Standard Strat w/rosewood fretboard. Originally it had a white-black-white 3-ply pickguard.

1. I changed the machine heads to staggered Sperzel Locking Tuners

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Fender Blues Deluxe mod

This article describes how I modded my Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier. My amp is a 1996 model (the original). However, this mod will work fine for the later reissues as well.

The background: For many years I have wanted to get my hands on a blackface (or silverface) Fender… Continue reading


Welcome to my page. This page contains misc. guitar related stuff that I have done including descriptions of how I did it. Feel free to browse around!

Please note that I do not take any responsibility for any damage you may cause from following my instructions!

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